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Angular Developer

  • Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Job description


We're not your average startup. Our journey began from the ground up, navigating through an already saturated market, and bootstrapping our path to millions in revenue. In just two short years, we've achieved the 54th spot out of the world's 474 fast-growing bootstrapped software companies published by Latka Magazine. Yet, we continue to soar higher!

Expandi is a ground-breaking LinkedIn automation tool. With over 15,000 users, we're transforming the way sales teams and agencies approach LinkedIn outreach. Expandi allows users to streamline and personalize their LinkedIn connection requests, follow-ups, and messaging, ensuring they reach their target audience more effectively.

Jump on board with us and help reshape the world of LinkedIn outreach! You'll get to flex your frontend development muscles and contribute to crafting smoother, more personalized engagement strategies. It's not just about writing code - it's about revolutionizing the way people connect!


At Expandi, we offer a vibrant and energetic environment that fosters both personal and professional growth. Our team is young, driven, and always ready to inject fun into our work. We are not just colleagues; we are a team that takes on new challenges together every day. Each day presents a new opportunity, a new puzzle to solve, and we approach each one with enthusiasm and collaborative spirit. We believe that everyone's voice matters — every idea, every perspective is the key to our shared success. We thrive on open communication and are always open to ideas from every member of our team, because we recognize that it's our combined efforts that propel us forward.

In our pursuit of excellence, we consistently aim to enhance our technical expertise by organizing workshops and taking different courses. This unwavering commitment to continuous learning ensures that we remain at the forefront of innovation, delivering the most sophisticated solutions to our customers.

At Expandi, we deeply value the aspirations and ideas of our team members. We understand that each individual has their own unique goals and we strive to listen and understand these personal objectives. We believe in fostering an environment where our employees can chart their own course and we make every effort to accommodate their desired direction, transforming their aspirations into our shared vision.


Each day as an Angular frontend developer at Expandi brings new tasks and challenges. You will be instrumental in creating new features, coordinating with the backend team to ensure proper function of endpoints and services, and perpetually enhancing the web application. Your focus on UI/UX improvements, bug resolution, and feature implementation plays a crucial role in delivering an exceptional experience for our clients. As an Angular frontend Developer, your responsibilities lie in developing, coding, and testing the visual components of the Expandi platform. Your significant contributions are key in making the Expandi platform a great tool for smooth customer interaction.

Job requirements


  • Develop and maintain user-facing features using Angular framework.
  • Collaborate with backend developers and UI/UX designers to implement responsive web designs.
  • Write clean, efficient, and scalable code that adheres to industry standards and best practices.
  • Optimize application performance and ensure high-quality user experience.
  • Participate in code reviews and provide constructive feedback to team members.
  • Troubleshoot and debug issues reported by users or QA team.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest frontend technologies, trends, and best practices.
  • Work closely with product managers to understand requirements and translate them into technical solutions.
  • Contribute to the overall architecture and design of the frontend applications.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver features within tight deadlines.
  • Document code, processes, and workflows to facilitate knowledge sharing and maintainability.

Requirements and skills:

  • Proven experience (3+ years) working with Angular framework in building scalable web applications.
  • Strong understanding of JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Experience with Angular Material or other UI component libraries.
  • Proficient understanding of RESTful APIs and asynchronous request handling.
  • Solid understanding of web development concepts such as MVC, MVVM, and SPA architecture.
  • Experience with version control systems such as Git.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively in a team environment.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to effectively articulate technical concepts.
  • Experience with unit testing frameworks such as Jasmine or Karma.
  • Experience with Agile development methodologies (Scrum, Kanban).
  • Knowledge of UI/UX design principles and ability to collaborate with designers.
  • Experience with CI/CD pipelines and automated deployment processes.


  • Experience working on complex SaaS applications
  • Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands